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Cyber Safety Resources

Cyber safety tips from Cyber Savvy


  1. Change social media privacy settings to restrict who can see your profile. 
  2. Only use your first name and surname initial or manipulated surname (e.g. Alex Ak for Akerman or Dana Neat-r for Neather) on all of your social media accounts
  3. Don’t pose or send suggestive photos-these often end up disseminated to others and can be used to bully others
  4. Think before you post - what goes online, stays online
  5. Remember the Nana rule: don’t post or text anything you would be embarrassed for your nanna to see
  6. Never put up with bullies instead G.E.T R.I.D. of them:

Go block them so they don't keep harassing you

Ensure to save evidence by printing or saving it

Tell someone you trust

Report it to the website administrator 

Ignore the bully-don't respond it will only make it worse

Delete rude comments, don’t forward inappropriate text messages 

7. Use productivity software such as the stay focused timer to stay productive in the face of screen distractions.


  1. Protect your child from exposure to pornography and other inappropriate content (sites containing suicide content and strong violence) by installing a web protection filter. Many parents recommend the Our Pact App. Alternatively, Google other web protection filters, or speak with your Internet provider.
  2. Knowledge is power-know what your children are doing online. Ask them what they most enjoy and check it out yourself. Don't be offended though if they don't want to be your online friend.
  3. Have guidelines about unacceptable use and a time for when the Internet goes off at night
  4. Employ consequences when rules are breached that are short, sharp and immediate ( e.g. no internet for one afternoon)
  5. Promote balance through non-web activities (e.g. sport) to ensure the internet is only a part of their life
  6. Don't jump to conclusions about what your children are doing online. 
  7. Don't try to take the Internet away from children entirely as this will usually make them hide their use.
  8. iPhones and iPads are very popular but can give children exposure to and the opportunity to download inappropriate applications with violent or sexual content. This can be easily solved by using parental controls for iPhone.
  9. Promote real life family connecting by having technology free times during dinner and one night per week (be sure to have an alternative plan or you might be bored!).
  10. Ensure your child's sleep is not inhibited by late night technology use. Enforce "no screen time" (i.e. no iPads, computers, or iPhones) at least half an hour before bed so your child can focus on winding down.
Recommended Websites

Please note I do not receive any type of financial or commercial incentive in recommending these sites

http://www.sleepshack.com.au/-information and assistance with adolescent sleep

https://www.esafety.gov.au/- excellent information for parents, teachers and young people. 

www.raisingchildren.net.au - general parenting and cyber safety website (click on entertainment)

www.k9webprotection.com- download an effective easy to install internet filter for computer, iPhone and iPad

www.esrb.org view rating for online games 

 https://www.familyzone.com/blog/talking-about-pornography-provides tips on talking to young people about pornography. 

https://www.commonsensemedia.org/ provides independent reviews and age ratings for games and other types of media as well as general cyber safety information

https://thesmarttalk.org/#/ https://thesmarttalk.org/#/ a guide for how to navigate conversations around responsible technology use

http://ourpact.com/- is a parental control App and family locator

https://www.itandcoffee.com.au/cybersafety.html- excellent video on how to use iPad/iPhone parental controls