Please check stage 4 guidelines in Victoria available from 3 August 2020 to see if face to face appointments are possible. 

Online appointments

Online appointments are preferable, at least during this period of lock down. These are conducted via secure video link. Online appointments at the same fees and rebates.

Face to face appointments

If online appointments are not suitable, Psychology appointments are considered essential under stage three lock down and therefore you can attend in person.  See page  3 of the legislation here.


Social distancing and hygiene measures for face to face appointments

  • Renovated disinfected rooms 

  • A low trafficked clinic 

  • Parking directly outside of the clinic

  • Hand sanitiser 

  • Contactless payment

  • Masks

Covid-19 mental health resources 

 Responding effectively to the Covid-19 Crisis


Looking after your mental health 

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle