• Tena Davies

Behavioural Activation for Depression

Behavioral activation which involves increasing pleasant and meaningful activities such as meeting up with friends, exercising or working is a well established treatment for depression and helpful for other mood disorders as well. The benefit of this type of intervention is that it is often low in cost and easy to do on your own. As a clinician, I make it part of my client assessment to understand if behavioural activation would beneficial for them. I have started to do this because Individuals who are depressed and may have withdrawn from their usual meaningful activities such as seeing friends, being creative, exercising etc. While, behavioural activation is only part of the treatment for depression, it is important and an easy step clients can take on their own. It also helps to support the other types of therapies that I use such as Acceptance and Commitment Therapy and Cognitive Behavioural Therapy.  Here's an article with some ideas on using behavioural activation to improve your mood. Please note that this type of therapy has limitations and that it is best used alongside a comprehensive assessment and treatment plan from a Psychologist.

Article written by Tena Davies, Psychologist. The aim of this article is to give you ideas on well being. Please note this article is not intended to replace therapy.

Tena Davies is a Psychologist based in inner city Melbourne. Tena has expertise in psychological counselling with adolescents and adults. She also works as a cyber expert providing cyber safety education to schools and professionals. As a Psychologist, Tena believes in helping clients to gain insight into their difficulties and teaching them new skills to grow and thrive. Please see for more information.