Cyber Savvy

Please click here for information about Cyber Savvy for parents, students, and teachers. Free cyber resources can be downloaded here.


General Parent Programs

  • Transitions to primary and secondary school. Refer to Tena's article 'Easing the transition to secondary school' published in Choosing a Secondary School for Your Child Victoria
  • Raising Resilient Children: for prep-3, 4-6, 7-10, VCE. Parents will learn how to: use the language of resilience, reduce negative thinking and empower children to solve problems though emotion coaching. Participants will receive materials on resilience and a 'How to' guide on emotion coaching at home.See published article and programme flyer
  • 123-Magic and Emotion Coaching: practical strategies for effective parenting to encourage good behaviour and strengthen the relationship with your child.

Teacher Professional Development

Tena delivers a range of teacher professional development programs within primary and secondary schools. Seminars run for approximately 75 minutes with time for questions. They are generally conducted after school and during staff meetings. 

Managing learning difficulties in the mainstream classroom. Download sample presentation here.

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