Frequently Asked Questions for Parents

What is counselling?

Counselling is a process of understanding and change. It involves looking at patterns of thinking and behaving to enable positive change. The therapist serves a listener and coach to help the client achieve their potential. To achieve good results I recommend that clientscommit to 4-6 sessions to allow sufficient time to start to see results.

How can seeing a Psychologist fix my problems?

  A psychologist can help by identifying ways to improve a insight and client's coping skills. A psychologist cannot magically solve your problems, any more than a personal trainer can exercise and lose weight on a client's behalf. However, with expert advice, identification of underlying difficulties, and support to change, therapy empowers individuals to reduce their distress and increase their well being.

 How long does therapy take?

 Each session is approximately 50-60 minutes. The intake session is usually a few minutes longer in order to obtain important background information. In most instances, 6-12 are recommended. At the beginning of therapy, clients attend sessions weekly. Once a treatment plan is in place, and the client has started to make changes sessions take place fortnightly. 

Can I obtain a rebate to see a psychologist?

Yes, medicare rebates (of $80 per session) are available, provided you have received a mental health care plan (aka 2710) from a GP. When booking an appointment to request a Mental Health Careplan, ask the reception staff if you should book a double appointment to allow sufficient time for your GP to complete the assessment. 

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