My Aim

As a registered Psychologist, mobjective is to teach you skills to better manage your difficult thoughts and feelings and to help you to build a richer and more meaningful life. While no one has worked out how to get rid of painful thoughts and feelings, we can learn skills to better respond to them so that they don’t get in the way of who we want to be and what we want to achieve. 

Stages of therapy 

Therapy involves several stages. The initial assessment stage involves understanding your current problem. As part of this, I take a history of the problem and seek to understand which factors perpetuate it so that we know where to interveneThis process typically takes between 2-3 sessions and involves clarifying what matters to you and setting goals. The second stage of therapy involves me providing you with guidance on the changes that I suggest that you make and me teaching you new skills for you to make these changes. The aim is to better manage the difficult thoughts and feelings that arise in trying situations so that you can achieve your goals. The final stage involves making adjustments to the approach to ensure you continue to improve. My ultimate goal is to help you make changes and learn new skills to lead richer and more fulfilling life. 

Getting the most out of therapy 

Clients who make the greatest gains in therapy are those that are actively involved in their treatment and have the courage to make changes to improve their wellbeing. Therapy is similar to personal training in that improvement is contingent upon effort-with my support and guidance. 

What to expect from me 

As a registered Psychologist, I aim to offer a high quality service. You can expect me to see you at your allotted time, to be prepared for the session by having reviewed your file, to provide clinical assessment, a tailored treatment plan and to be empathic and respectful. I aim to have a collaborative approach to ensure my treatment plan is on target.

Frequently asked questions

Is there a medicare rebate?

If you have a mental health care plan from your GP you are entitled to 10 medicare rebated sessions per calendar year in total. If you wish to continue therapy once you have had exhausted your Medicare sessions you have the option of paying for additional sessions (some health rebates apply) or waiting until the next calendar year.

How long is therapy?

I typically see clients for 10 sessions. Each session is 55 minutes long.

Do you offer a crisis service?

 Please note that while I am here to support you and provide guidance on how to achieve optimal wellbeing, I do not offer a crisis service. If you experience significant psychological distress or become imminently suicidal please present to your local emergency room for urgent medical attention. You can also call lifeline on13 11 14, twenty-four hours per day. 

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